How is data measured?

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In this activity, you'll learn more about how the things you do on the internet use up data.

Some activities use more data than others. Generally, web pages with plain text use the least data, photos use a bit more and movies you can watch on a TV use the most.

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How is data counted, or measured?

Everything you do on the internet uses some data. Some activities use relatively small amounts of data, or just a few megabytes at a time. There are around 1000 megabytes, (MB), in a gigabyte (GB).

A comparison bar chart of different activities online using different amounts of data

eSafety Tip

While many online activities may use only a few megabytes (MB) of data, they can add up to several gigabytes (GB) of data over a month. Be sure to keep an eye on how much data you are using each month.

And remember, there are around 1,000 megabytes, or MB, in a gigabyte (GB).

Complex content uses a lot of data

Complex content from the internet uses more data from your internet plan than simple content. Complex content includes video and large photos, while simple content includes emails and text.

Watching a video on a tablet can use a lot of data.
A diagram of what will use 10GB of data, including songs, movies, emails and videos.

What uses the most data?

A web page of text uses hardly any data at all. If you only used the internet to read text, you'd never use all the data in even a very small data plan. Web pages with pictures, such as news sites with photographs or maps, use a bit more data.

Video uses the most data. Short videos, or low or medium image quality videos use less than a high quality, modern movie. These can use up to several gigabytes of data, or as much data as thoUSAds of web pages.

Let's look at what uses the most data

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What uses the most data?

A diagram indicating 2GB of data have been used watching videos.

How is my data use tracked?

Your internet provider keeps constant count of how much data is sent to your home or mobile device.

For instance, if you watch a movie using the internet, your provider knows how many megabytes or gigabytes it's using. And remember, there are around 1,000 megabytes (MB) in a gigabyte (GB), so gigabytes are much larger quantities of data than megabytes.

How is data used up?

As you keep watching the movie, more data is sent to your home or mobile device. This data is subtracted from your total monthly data allowance.

If a movie takes up two gigabytes of data, then after you finish watching, you will have used up two gigabytes of monthly data allowance. Remember, this amount resets at the end of the month.

A diagram displaying 600GB of data is left on the plan
Someone typing an email on their laptop

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