We Can all Agree That

Older adults can live happier, healthier, and safer lives with the help of technology, but only if they use it. At Bridge, we help solve technology issues and support their use in an increasingly digital world.

In-Person Digital Skills Training

Seniors Connected is a program by Bridge the Digital Divide that is aimed at providing hands-on digital literacy training to adults and seniors (+50yrs). It has been carefully designed as a solution for seniors requiring assistance to access technology and support to build digital skills needed to be self-sufficient and actively engaged with technology. We partner with community organizations to enrich their client’s activities.

This program is ideally suited to older adults who will benefit from learning basic, essential digital literacy skills such as connecting to Wi-Fi, tablet gestures, using the camera, and accessing email and the internet.

We offer a variety of computer classes both in-person and virtual. We focus on Apple, Android, Windows and diverse technology devices including computers, smartphones and tablets. Join our Seniors Connected program if you are interested in adding great value to your organization’s resources.

Enroll in one of our digital skills training classes held every day Mon-Fri at any of our participating partner organizations: Ahmanson Senior Center in Los Angeles, Inglewood Senior Center, Culver City Senior Center, WLCAC Senior Center West Adams, WLCAC South Western Senior Center, Galilee Baptist Church among others. Please check with your Senior Center management to find if they are participating in our digital skills training classes. If they are not, ask them what are they waiting for! Tell them to sign up here