Download the Digital Literacy Modules

Below you will find a comprehensive list of FREE digital literacy modules. They can be used individually or as a full curriculum. They are intended for anyone, so feel free to use them however you’d like.

These modules are also available in the following versions:

Digital Skills Training Curriculum Outline/Suggested Order of Topics:

Explore computer basics, internet safety, and more through our Digital Skills Training classes.

Application Software – Word


Computer Viruses

Deleting Online History

Email Basics

Evaluating Online Information

Files and Folders

Internet and Web Browsers

Internet Search Engines

Intro to Computers

Mouse and Touchpad

My Digital or Online Footprint

Online Forms

Online Gaming

Online Shopping

Operating Systems

Parts of a Computer


Personal and Private Information Online

Social Media

Storing Information on the Cloud

Typing on a Computer Keyboard

Using a USB Flash Drive

You Don't Need to Be Afraid of Computers

New Resources

Accessible features

Icons and apps on my phone

Online calendars

Recognizing Spam

Using Zoom

WhatsApp and messaging

Bridge Digital Curriculum Glossary of Terms

Digital Curriculum Glossary

Digital Literacy Manuals

Bridge Digital Curriculum - Interactive

BRIDGE Digital Literacy Curriculum – Interactive

BRIDGE Digital Literacy Practitioner’s Guide – Interactive